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How Can We Build Back Better?

West Bank Park in Acomb isn’t a bad place to spend a sunny afternoon, especially when there’s live music, gardening tips, and community arts projects involved… Despite the ongoing threat of COVID-19, a better world is within reach.

Regenerative Culture, XR, and COVID-19

At the moment, most people’s energy is taken up with the international need to tackle the threat and effects of the Coronavirus outbreak. Gatherings to protest about the climate are not possible, therefore it is a good time to focus on regenerative action.

XRYork’s People’s Assembly: Our Priorities For 2020

On February 11th, XRYork held an open-door People’s Assembly to vote on the group’s priorities for the year ahead. B Taylor, XRYork co-ordinator and a principle facilitator of the People’s Assembly, explains why we held the Assembly, and how code was used to enable highly democratic decision-making.

XR: Influencing The UK’s Media

In this essay, Patrick Thelwell deals with the BBC’s reporting of the Extinction Rebellion protests beginning in October 2018, concluding the sustained direct action increased the quality and depth of the BBC’s reporting on Climate Breakdown.