Hokusai Says by Roger Stuart Keyes

Roger Stuart Keyes, York based art historian and Hokusai scholar, wrote Hokusai Says in 1990 as a call to appreciate the universality of life.

My First Day as a Rebel

Michael Regan, PhD student at the University of Lancaster, reflects on the closing day of the Northern Rebellion.

Friends of the Earth: The Most Powerful Thing We Can Do To Solve The Climate Emergency

At Friends of the Earth, we’re calling on the UK government to urgently adopt a Climate Action Plan to rapidly cut greenhouse gas emissions and build a greener and fairer society for everyone.

Poem: Black as the Ace of Spades by Sarah-Jayne Mackenzie

Black as the Ace of Spades he was,In labour at York Tip.My conscience shuddered as soon as I saw himTall, in precedence, absolutely noticeable. And there was what seemed like a long extracted period of absolute shame and a penetrative stare that reduced me to less than the value of the ‘rubbish’ I was casting [...]

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